Cheetos, S’mores, and Spaghetti

Going through chemo is kinda like being pregnant (I assume) – your body completely revolts against you, you put on weight, nausea is a constant companion, and you have some really weird food cravings.

Sunday I went to the grocery for the first time in a while – picked up a number of foods I either haven’t had in a long time, or decided to try for the first time. First up is a couple of new cereals – “Cinnamon Krunchers” (note the hip and edgy spelling) – not too bad, but it’s basically a slightly sweeter version of Corn Chex. The other cereal was “Smorz” (again, the hip and edgy spelling). Just terrible. It doesn’t taste vaguely like s’mores or any of the individual smore components. Even the miniature marshmallows… you’d think with all the cereals over the years that featured marshmallows, they could at least get those right. But no. Lucky Charms – now *there’s* a cereal that does it right.

Anyway, I also picked up a couple of cans of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Spaghetti and Meatballs. Why, I don’t know. I didn’t like spaghetti out of a can as a child, and I still don’t. It looks really good on the can, but once I emptied the contents into a bowl and nuked it, it looked like the same orange slop I ate 15 years ago.

Finally, we get to the good stuff… a big ol’ bag of Cheetos Puffs. Not the shriveled crunchy kind that threaten to chip your tooth enamel with every bite, but the big orange poofs that leave processed cheese dust all over everything. Premium snacking goodness…. I went through that bag much quicker than is healthy for a normal human.

After returning home from shopping, I discovered that I have more cans of peas and niblet corn on my shelves than the grocery store did. They multiply at an astounding rate.