A blog post approaches!

So. Last time I made a personal post, my daughter looked like this…


Now… she looks like this

Colleen on bike April 30, 2012

Needless to say, it’s been a while.  I started this blog back in 96/97 before the term “blog” existed, and it served it’s purpose for a good decade.  But as I mentioned last time, the facebooks and twitters and other social media outlets have largely eliminated the reason for having a personal blog, at least if it’s a personal “journal” as this one has been.

So, I’ve got another personal post or two to write in the next month, but after that my plan is to transition this into more of a professional blog and cover tech issues in my areas of expertise – web, digital media, streaming, my adventures in programming and so forth.

Not that I won’t ever make personal posts again, but they’ll be the exception rather than the rule.