Speaking of the New York Times

In my previous post I referenced a link to the New York Times, which reminded me of the fact that I was actually interviewed by them several years ago for an article on retro-computing. The article is still on their website, and the article is still wrong. Quoting the relevant part:

In the early days, programmers looked for creative software solutions instead of glitzier hardware. ”In a way it was simpler back then,” said Lane Denson, a Nashville farmer who has set up a computer museum in his basement. ”You didn’t have 20 or 30 sound cards and you didn’t have to worry about upgrading every other week.”

…except for the fact that I’ve never been a farmer, and I don’t have a basement, nor a computer museum (Well, Emily might debate that last point). I contacted the writer at the time and she said she’d publish a correction, but it never happened. And they didn’t even bother to publish a link to my Commodore 64 website, which is how they got my name in the first place. Oh well – it’s not every day you’re quoted in one of the world’s largest newspapers.

Here’s the link to the full article (may require registration): Living the 8-bit Dream in a 32-bit World

Fortune: “Why Google Scares Bill Gates”

An interesting read… while I’m not part of the “Micro$oft is the DEBIL!!!” crowd, they are at their most productive/interesting when threatened. Netscape lit a fire under them a decade ago, and it looks like it’s now Google’s turn.

Technology – Why Google Scares Bill Gates – FORTUNE