OK, this is another catchup post… the running was actually from last night. Today’s workout was lower body weight training. My least favorite, by far 🙂

Now that this program is coming to a close, it’s time to find something else to do… so I think I’ll do some races! My first goal is a 5K race on July 4th, but there’s one on Memorial Day that I think I’ll sign up for.

(I thought I might have other plans on Memorial Day, but some people won’t bother to return my phone calls!)

Regardless, I can probably pull of a 5K by the end of the month – I just have to get off the treadmill and start pounding real asphalt.

(Edit: Feb. 2014… Ironic that I would worry about plans on memorial day weekend, considering that was the weekend I found out I had cancer.  There were bigger fish to fry, I just hadn’t realized it yet.)