Now this is fun

Just found a link to Dean Gray presents American Edit – basically they took Green Day’s “American Idiot” and took bits and pieces of other songs and mashed them all together.

So you have “Boulevard of Broken Songs” which combines “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” with Oasis’ hit from a decade ago, “Wonderwall” (with a cameo by Aerosmith at the end) And it works surprisingly well 🙂 They have several other tracks from American Idiot worth checking out.

Why are the worst songs the most popular?

“Hollaback Girl” first song with one million commercial downloads

For the first time since the advent of commercial digital music downloads, a recording has passed the 1,000,000 mark in download sales. The song, former Billboard #1 “Hollaback Girl” from Gwen Stefani’s debut album Love. Angel. Music., had sales of approximately 995,000 downloads as of Friday, September 30. The recording has averaged 15,000 downloads per week since it’s release on November 25, 2004.

Now, I like Gwen Stefani. Some of the stuff No Doubt did was amazing; but her transformation from Orange County cutie to ghetto-fabulous has been incredibly contrived and baffling. Moreover, “Hollaback Girl” has to be the most insipid piece of songwriting (and I use that term loosely) I’ve heard in years. Yet for some reason unknown to anyone with the slightest shred of musical taste, it’s incredibly popular.

That s*** is indeed bananas.


Guess the Dictator and/or Television Sit-Com Character

Here are the rules: Pretend to be a dictator or television sitcom character. I’ll try to guess who you are by asking simple yes/no questions. If you’re not sure of the answer to a question, answer “No”. If you forgot who you were pretending to be, go take a nap, you’re obviously under too much stress. Also, drink plenty of fluids.

Bennifer Part II: Electric Boogaloo

It’s official – I’m already sick to death of the whole Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes thing. I am in no way interested in their relationship, and I fail to see why anyone would place any importance in what they do or don’t do. Yet I KNOW that the media will bombard us with every little insignificant detail that no same individual will care about over the next couple of months. I can’t wait.

Way Cool Junior

Maybe it’s just me, but more than once I have experienced the phenomenon of having the same song playing in my head over and over again – except, it’s in a dream. I had “Way Cool Junior” by those musical prodigies, RATT (that one’s for you, Mr. Pickles…), as the soundtrack to multiple dreams last night. I have no idea why my subconscious chose that particular song. It could’ve been worse though -it’s a somewhat blatant rip-off of “Rag Doll” by Aerosmith, but not a bad song in it’s own right.

And just because I can…