The babymoon… she is done.

Emily hates this photo. I think she looks cute.

This afternoon we have to leave Hilton Head for the drudgery of home. We’ve had a great week of doing absolutely nothing! Hanging out at the beach, reading by the pool, and eating lots of seafood (and ice cream). Probably the first vacation we’ve had where I wasn’t itching to get home after a few days. It’s also the last vacation we’ll have as just the two of us – though I can’t wait to take our baby along on the next one!

New Home Construction

Concrete slab being poured
Doesn't look like much yet. Just a square of cement at this point.

After a frantic month of putting our home on the market, selling it, packing, and moving out – all in the midst of Thanksgiving/Christmas, Emily and I are now homeless. We’re currently living in my mom’s basement (insert joke here) and having to make a much longer drive to work, but I’ve gotten used to it pretty quickly. Having an abundance of podcasts to listen to helps quite a bit.

The good news is, the construction on our new house in Spring Hill started last week. According to the builder, it should be done in 60 to 70 days, which is pretty incredible. I like not having a mortgage payment, but it will be nice to have the home done so quickly.

Peppercorn Denson

I wondered whether or not to write about this, since it’s such a personal and private matter. But I felt weird writing about anything else until it was addressed – as if I was downplaying the situation and focusing on more superficial topics. So this will probably be a bit disjointed.

As I alluded to a couple of posts back, Emily was pregnant – we called our baby “Peppercorn” because a pregnancy book said at a certain point it was the size of one, and it’s a cute name. Unfortunately, as tends to happen more often than I realized, the baby didn’t make it past 8 weeks. Just one of those situations where you do everything right and things still don’t work out. It’s been a pretty miserable week – the initial shock and grief has passed, but it’s still sad. Our family and friends have been incredibly supportive, which always helps and is greatly appreciated. We’ll keep trying – nothing has come particularly easy for either of us, but it eventually turns out for the best. Before too long there will be a couple of little ones running around the house, of that I have no doubt πŸ™‚

My my, how the time do fly

So… no posts in over two months. Let’s hit the high points:

  • Still cancer-free – had my latest round of CT scans and X-rays this week, everything is looking good.
  • Still married and working on an addition to the family.
  • Another nephew is on the way (18 months ago I had none – now I have seven – almost. And a niece.)
  • My mom is officially retired.
  • My wife has a blog… or at least the start of one πŸ™‚
  • Thinking of buying a new car, but need to sell the Celica first (now that I finally got the “check engine” light to turn off)
  • Took a couple of trips up to Chicago to visit the in-laws and hang out at the lake.
  • Been trying to get back in the habit of running… it’s a struggle.
  • Pluto no longer a planet? What madness is this?
  • Desperately need to mow the yard.

Anything I missed Molly? πŸ™‚