Fitness Tips Part II

Spring is finally here –   Unfortunately, it took the weather a few days to realize that!

Time for Part II of my Fitness Tips! (ta da!)

Fat Burning – As this is my current focus, I’ve noticed a couple of things the media tries to sell people – you know those ab rollers and Thighmasters?  They won’t burn fat!  They might tone the muscles, but they will not get rid of the cottage cheese thighs or the spare tire waist.  You can’t “spot reduce” fat – it has to be burned off by aerobic exercise – running, cycling, stairmasters, etc.  And unfortunately, the thighs (for women) and midsection (for men) is the absolute last place that is affected.

But it is possible – the ideal is to exercise in your target heart rate zone for 30-40 minutes, 3-4 times a week.  What’s your target heart rate?  Well, it depends on your age, but a good guide is to count your pulse for 10 seconds.  If you count over 23 beats, you’re doing good.  Just make sure not to go past 30 beats per 10 seconds… unless you’re 15 and have a very fast metabolism!   An easier way to judge is to get to the point where you can talk, but you’d rather not.  Not quite to the heavy huffing and puffing stage.