Google Reader alternatives

Google Reader logo

As is their custom, Google is killing off their Google Reader RSS feed aggregator on July 1 due to their inability to monetize the service.  Here are a handful of alternatives.

Feedly – I switched over to Feedly once I read about Google Reader’s imminent demise.  So far it has proven to be a worthy successor, with a nice visual presentation.  As long as you switch over before July 1, it should import your Google Reader feeds automatically.  Feedly also offers an excellent mobile app.

The Old Reader – Another good alternative.  This does not automatically import your feeds, so you will need to export them from Google Reader first (In Google Reader, go to Settings -> Import/Export).

Tiny Tiny RSS – If you’re more of the DIY type (and have an AMP stack available), this will allow you to host your own RSS aggregator. There’s also an official Android client.

There are plenty of other options as well.  What Google Reader replacements have I missed?