Fitness Tips Part II

Spring is finally here –   Unfortunately, it took the weather a few days to realize that!

Time for Part II of my Fitness Tips! (ta da!)

Fat Burning – As this is my current focus, I’ve noticed a couple of things the media tries to sell people – you know those ab rollers and Thighmasters?  They won’t burn fat!  They might tone the muscles, but they will not get rid of the cottage cheese thighs or the spare tire waist.  You can’t “spot reduce” fat – it has to be burned off by aerobic exercise – running, cycling, stairmasters, etc.  And unfortunately, the thighs (for women) and midsection (for men) is the absolute last place that is affected.

But it is possible – the ideal is to exercise in your target heart rate zone for 30-40 minutes, 3-4 times a week.  What’s your target heart rate?  Well, it depends on your age, but a good guide is to count your pulse for 10 seconds.  If you count over 23 beats, you’re doing good.  Just make sure not to go past 30 beats per 10 seconds… unless you’re 15 and have a very fast metabolism!   An easier way to judge is to get to the point where you can talk, but you’d rather not.  Not quite to the heavy huffing and puffing stage.

Fender Strat


Fender Deluxe Strat Plus, Crimson Burst
Fender Deluxe Strat Plus, Crimson Burst

Wow – Spring is almost here.  Amazing how time flies!  I can’t wait for summer.

I bought a new guitar last week – a Fender Deluxe Strat Plus.  This is basically what it looks like (except mine is “Crimson Burst”, not black).  Now, for a good amp head.

The word for the day is “congenital myopia”.   Or “Barilla”

Let’s see…  I guess it’s time for my “stuff of the week” list…

CD’s – Undiscovered Soul – Richie Sambora; Crystal Ball – Prince; Van Halen III (I know it’s not out yet, but it’s gonna rock!)

Movie – Rocky II (The best of the series)

Book – “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” Lots of good concepts and ideas, but too radical for most people.   Wait until the wedding to kiss?  Thanks, but no thanks.

Website – Tennessee Annual Conference OK, yeah, I’m designing it.  And it’s not done yet.  But check it out anyway!

Fitness Tips Part 1

I just got back from the YMCA, and noticed so many people making mistakes during their workout.  So… it’s time for the first installment of (drum roll, please) Laner’s Fitness Tips!  (ta da!)

Now, I never claimed to be the paragon of good fitness, but I know a little bit about what to do and not do.

  • IT IS NOT A RACE!!! Some guy was just blasting through his excercises, seemingly trying to see how quickly he could do ten reps of whatever.  One, your cheating yourself out of getting the maximum effect from each rep.  Two, you’re jerking and straining muscles that aren’t intended to be used for that particular exercise – usually the back and neck, which needs to be protected.  Slow down, and make each rep count.  Even if you’re in a hurry, you’ll get better results from just a couple of exercises done right than a bunch done wrong, and you’ll protect yourself from injury.

  • Abs – The midsection seems to be the body part du jour these days… but people seems to think that just following their Abs of Steel video will give them a washboard stomach.  You can do those tapes all day, and not get the same results.  Those models you see literally work for HOURS just on their midsection – so don’t think a 15 minute workout per day will give you the same results.

    Also, diet is very very important – you can’t eat a Big Mac and fries for every meal and expect to have the “six pac” – more on that below.

  • Food – As the cliche goes, moderation is the key, but there are some foods that must be avoided.   I know this is painful for some people, but here are the absolute no-no’s:

    Pizza (except for those Healthy Choice french bread pizzas)

    Fried Chicken – even avoid the rotisserie chicken at Boston Market, Mrs. Winners, etc.   You think it’s healthy?  No way – 30-40 grams of fat per serving.   Chicken is good for you if you fix it yourself (get some breasts, cover w/ BBQ sauce and cook for an hour) or the grilled sandwiches from Hardee’s, Wendy’s or Chick-Fil-A are very low fat.  And no mayo!!!

    Fries – nope, none at all.   If you’re hungry at a fast food place, get another sandwich instead – it’s much better for you.

    Cheese – The difference between a cheeseburger w/ mayo and a hamburger w/o mayo is nearly DOUBLE the fat content.  No lie.

    Potato Chips – Get the baked kind, or pretzels.  Same taste, much healthier

    Snackwells – what a hoax!  People seem to think they can eat a box at one setting and lose weight!  On the side of the box fat is defined as triglycerides – look at the ingredients of something by Snackwells – mono- and di- glycerides.  What do you think happens when they enter your body?  Yep, they combine to form triglycerides.   Now, they’re better for you than the regular “fatty” snacks, but once again, in moderation.

That’s it for now – more tips later!