I think this is the first blog entry I’ve ever done outside of the U.S. – I’m currently in Bulgaria waiting for my site updates to upload. Reminds me of my first internet dial-up connection way back in college; though not quite as flaky, thankfully. Just SLOOOOOOWWWWW.

It’s pretty interesting being in a country where no one speaks English natively. Most of the people can speak enough English to understand me, but simply ordering “Chicken McNuggets and a Coca-Cola” at McDonalds (yes, they’re here as well) took a bit of time. But eventually I got my food, and they didn’t rip me off with the change. 🙂

Strangely enough, McDonalds has probably been the healthiest thing I’ve eaten so far… most of the native food is very heavy and greasy, and pretty bland as well. I did have a meal at the cafe next to the hotel that had some broccoli and peas in it; I though I was ordering fried shrimp and mashed potatoes, but neither were in the dish they brought me. The menu was printed in English, but the translation left something to be desired.

In general, things are less expensive here – their currency (the Leva) is worth approximately $.63, and gas here, for example, is 1,89 leva a gallon (A little over $1 US). I don’t think it would be worth the 8,000 mile drive to fill up though.

Anyway, I have some pictures, but no time to upload them at the moment…