Will Facebook video replace YouTube?

This week there has been a lot of buzz about Facebook video plays.  Since incorporating their video auto-play feature earlier this year, the number of video plays has increased by 50%.  They are claiming a billion video views per day, with two thirds of those being on mobile devices.

While that’s nothing to sneeze at, there are a couple of points to consider. Continue reading “Will Facebook video replace YouTube?”

Posting to your Facebook page with your own name

Keeping up with Facebook’s constant changes can be a full-time job in and of itself.  What used to be “fan pages” are now simply called “Pages” (not to be confused with your “Profile”).

I have several pages on Facebook that I administer.  One minor annoyance is that when you post or comment to a page you administrate, it’s displays the name of your Page next to the comment, rather than your real name.  For example, if I’m an admin for Chucky’s Chicken Shack, whenever I post, it’s going to display the name as “Chucky’s Chicken Shack”, not “Lane”.

Often that is just fine, but not always.  If you admin a page with several other people, it may be desirable to distinguish between who is posting.  In that case, here is how you can change the default setting.  Please note that each admin will need to follow these steps on their own account.

1.       Go to your Facebook page.

2.       Click on Edit Page at the top right.

3.       Now click on the Your Settings option at the far left.

4.       On the Posting Preferences option, uncheck Always comment and post on your page as… and click Save Changes at the bottom.

5.       Now you will post as your profile name by default.  To post as the Page name, click on Use Facebook as {Page Name} on the right side, directly below the Admins list.

6.       Note that you will need to switch back to Use Facebook as {Profile Name}, otherwise everything you do on Facebook will be attributed to your Page name.