Three Column Responsive Layout

Back in the day, creating multiple columns in HTML was easy; a <table> tag, a couple of <tr> and <td> tags, and Bob’s your uncle.

These days, there’s CSS to consider. A tableless web design philosophy that is superior to the old table method. An ever-growing number of phones and tablets with varying screen sizes that means one size does not fit all. Continue reading “Three Column Responsive Layout”

Will Facebook video replace YouTube?

This week there has been a lot of buzz about Facebook video plays.  Since incorporating their video auto-play feature earlier this year, the number of video plays has increased by 50%.  They are claiming a billion video views per day, with two thirds of those being on mobile devices.

While that’s nothing to sneeze at, there are a couple of points to consider. Continue reading “Will Facebook video replace YouTube?”

jQuery Mobile

I haven’t even made it into the first actual Beginning C++ Through Game Programming post before there was a diversion! Oh well, gotta roll with the punches.

I just learned via this Mashable article that the developers of jQuery (the popular JavaScript-based framework) recently introduced their jQuery Mobile initiative, which should allow for cross-platform development on various mobile devices.

It should be interesting to see where this leads – jQuery is easy enough for a beginner like me to use with minimal fuss, and hopefully the mobile version will be as well.