Got a house!

Emily and I have been a little unsure about the housing situation for a while now. We have looked at probably two dozen homes, and all the ones we liked slipped away the same day we looked at them… Franklin is definitely a seller’s market – you can ask pretty much whatever you want and be guaranteed to get it.

So we had signed a contract to buy a townhouse in Spring Hill which was under construction – or was to be soon. Supposedly it was to be finished by December, but as of last weekend, it hadn’t even been started yet. I suggested this weekend that we look at some more houses, just in case the townhouse wasn’t finished by the time we get married. So Emily went out yesterday, calls me up at 3 and says there’s this house I had to see. I got off work as soon as I could, picked her up from work and we drove to the house. Right off of the Hwy 96 exit, which is a much shorter drive than Spring Hill.

Anyway, we go in, and it’s great… a little on the small side, but it’s spotless, has a two car garage, nice backyard, hardwood floors, etc. And the location can’t be beat.

But here’s the kicker – and the typical pattern so far – someone else had put a bid on it earlier in the day, despite the house being on the market for nearly three weeks. And every time in the past, by the time we made our offer, the house was already gone. But we made an offer anyway at 6:30.

At 8:00 we get a call from our realtor Dena, and they accepted! We’re planning on closing November 29, so Emily can go ahead and move in once her lease is up in December. Very exciting 🙂