It’s about time

This September: Original Unaltered Trilogy on DVD

Fans can look forward to a September filled with classic Star Wars nostalgia, led by the premiere of LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy video game and the long-awaited DVD release of the original theatrical incarnations of the classic Star Wars trilogy.

I really don’t mind most of the cosmetic changes George Lucas made to the original trilogy, but stuff like CGI Jabba in A New Hope and “Emo-Vader” in Return of the Jedi is distracting.

I suppose I can sell my 10 year old LaserDisc copies now…

Edit: Of course, right after I post this, I realized that HD-DVD and Blu-ray make their debut this year. I wonder how long it’ll take for the original versions to make it to this next generation of discs.

Edit Edit: As more information has come forth, this looks more and more like a lame money grab. No anamorphic encoding, no surround sound, etc. Basically they are the same as my 10 year old LaserDisc copies. No thanks.

Star Wars Gansta Rap

I had a strange dream last night – I was in India, and ended up in some “teen club” that was a front for brainwashing kids into being Hindu or Buddhist, or something. Very odd.

To all you Vader Hatas out there:

This movie has been around for a couple of years, but still cracks me up.

“We got Def Star…”