Three Column Responsive Layout

Back in the day, creating multiple columns in HTML was easy; a <table> tag, a couple of <tr> and <td> tags, and Bob’s your uncle.

These days, there’s CSS to consider. A tableless web design philosophy that is superior to the old table method. An ever-growing number of phones and tablets with varying screen sizes that means one size does not fit all. Continue reading “Three Column Responsive Layout”

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

For those who have been coming here for a long time, you know that at one point I maintained a Steven Curtis Chapman fansite for nearly five years. Eventually I put it to rest, but not before I started working on a redesign that I briefly made public.So yesterday I was poking around, and found this site that looks a *lot* like that redesign I was working on. Certain similarities are uncanny – particularly the way he does links with [ brackets ], the color scheme, the green menu on the left, etc. And the fact that his website showed up only a couple of months after I closed up shop for good.

It might be entirely coincidental, but I thought it was pretty cool nonetheless 🙂

Fender Strat


Fender Deluxe Strat Plus, Crimson Burst
Fender Deluxe Strat Plus, Crimson Burst

Wow – Spring is almost here.  Amazing how time flies!  I can’t wait for summer.

I bought a new guitar last week – a Fender Deluxe Strat Plus.  This is basically what it looks like (except mine is “Crimson Burst”, not black).  Now, for a good amp head.

The word for the day is “congenital myopia”.   Or “Barilla”

Let’s see…  I guess it’s time for my “stuff of the week” list…

CD’s – Undiscovered Soul – Richie Sambora; Crystal Ball – Prince; Van Halen III (I know it’s not out yet, but it’s gonna rock!)

Movie – Rocky II (The best of the series)

Book – “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” Lots of good concepts and ideas, but too radical for most people.   Wait until the wedding to kiss?  Thanks, but no thanks.

Website – Tennessee Annual Conference OK, yeah, I’m designing it.  And it’s not done yet.  But check it out anyway!